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Picnic Coolers

Coil Coolers

Coil Coolers
  • Banner's rugged coil coolers include:
    • stainless steel coil
    • shank assembly
    • faucets with knob
  • Keg couplers, C02 cylinder, jumper lines, and regulators sold separately
  • Coil Cooler Hints and Tips:
    • Coolers with 70' coils are recommended for low volume applications and operate best when the barrel can be kept below 55F
    • Coolers with 125' coils are recommended for high volume applications or when the barrels will be kept above 55F
    • The serving temperature for coil boxes is approximately 40F - 42F
    • The cooler must be filled with ice and water
    • Coil coolers will not work with ice only
Part No. Cooler Size # of Faucets Coil Length
442F-17 10 Qt. 1 70' of 5/16"
438K-1 40 Qt. 1 125'
438K-2 40 Qt. 2 125'

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