Banner Perfecta Pour® Power Packs & Remote Beer Systems

The Industries Most Efficient and Effective Glycol Chillers & Complete Draft Beer Systems

Ease of maintenance, built-in safety features for long life expectancy and Cold-Blast evaporator technology that Exceeds the rest…


Horsepower size is just a number; that’s why the actual cooling capacity of any glycol chiller is so important. Banner only uses 404A refrigerant, which continues to lead the way as the global industry standard HFC refrigerant for new commercial refrigeration applications. 404A delivers exceptional capacity and efficiency over the competition.

Our unique Cold-Blast design allows you to achieve more distance cooling over the others. Our glycol return is a holding reservoir, not a cooling tank like the others. Any system returning warmed liquid into its cooling bath is working against itself in achieving optimal cooling. Banner technology utilizes the returning glycol in the system by directly gravity feeding the evaporator located below bath. This isolates the liquid as it passes through our steel plate 15®F evaporator directly flooding our manifold chamber, then drawn by self priming 100 GPH brass vane pump(s).

Banner’s Cold-Blast series glycol power packs use our high efficiency, Steel plate evaporator that increases total BTUH output by a minimum of 10%. These units are designed for ventilated, high heat conditions with maximum BTUH output. The unique 3/4” glycol distribution manifold allows for maximum glycol flow rates through the fully insulated evaporator. These chillers have been tested and proven effective with optimal cooling in 100®F+ ventilated locations.

Other manufacturers use 75®F ambient temperature for their power packs location when rating the distance of beer conduit. Most people do not realize the distance rating is based on the temperature location of the chiller. Most chillers installed experience a much warmer temperature than 75®F. Banner sizes all systems based on 90®F ambient.

That’s why Banner continues to be the most efficient and effective manufacturer of glycol chillers in the industry!

Banner’s Cold-Blast series glycol power packs Include:

  • 1, 3 & 12 gallon sealed glycol bath with easily accessible 5″ hole for filling and inspection – Eliminates condensation & evaporation- No heavy lifting of condensing units to inspect and fill glycol
  • Front panel digital thermostat control with adjustable differential setting for ice tower and custom system installation
  • Finger touch reset warning safety switches for high and low pressure
  • Illuminated red rocker switches for compressor operation
  • illuminated green rocker switches for each pump-motor assembly
  • Independent digital LED thermometers for each pump return temperature
  • Built-in filter track accommodates standard disposable air filters
  • Slide-off front cage allows easy access to service valves and electrical components
  • 404A refrigerant gas – thermal expansion valve – site glass – Large gas reserve receivers
  • Available with one, two or three pump-motor assemblies (select models) – air cooled or water cooled
  • All chillers use 1/3 HP ball bearing motors and 100 GPH brass vane pumps
  • All chillers include Nylon pump-motor coupler – reduces heat transfer from motor to pump and wear between pump-motor assembly


Banner has glycol chillers for all applications. If you are not finding what you need or have questions, please call us at 1-800-621-4625