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The PerfectPour faucet nozzle spout adapter from Banner is an inexpensive way to achieve a manageable, more consistent pour from your draft beer system.

Here’s how they work: When draft beer is being poured and hits the bottom of the glass it will foam – this is why you must hold the glass on an angle when pouring. You are relying on your bartenders to hold the glass just right every time.

The PerfectPour adapter moves the dispense point closer to the bottom of the glass, thus removing the element of human error – Yes, it’s just that simple!

The PerfectPour adapter attaches easily to any standard US style beer faucet and can be removed at any time for cleaning.

Consistent, repeatable pour – less foam
Higher keg yields
Works with any size glassware
Easy to Install – Easy to clean
Increased flow rate – pour beer twice as fast*
* Increased flow rates require a higher applied pressure on the keg. The use of blended
gas or beer pumps is required. Do not increase keg pressure if using only CO2.

** This product is not intended to correct the pour of an improperly balanced
draft system.

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