Coil Coolers – High Volume


High volume coil coolers with 125′ coils are recommended for high volume applications or when the barrels with be kept above 55°F. The serving temperature for coil boxes is approximately 40°F – 42°F. The cooler must be filled with ice and water. Coil coolers will not work with ice only.

Coolers include:

50 quart or 78 quart Ultra Cold coolers
125′ Stainless Steel Coils – 100′ 3/8″ O.D. + 25′ 5/16″ O.D.
Shank assemblies and faucets with knob
Faucets available – 50 quart – 1 or 2 – 78 quart – 2 or 3

**Keg couplers, jumper lines, CO2 cylinder and regulators sold separately”