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Cask Ale Dispensing

Traditional Beer Engine
Traditional clamp-on beer engine. These engines have a 1/2 pint stainless steel cylinder, traditional ma...
Simulated Beer Engine
Designed specially for pressurized systems, these engines simulate the operation of a traditional beer e...
Cask Tap - Plastic - Single Outlet
Plastic cask tap - single outlet - gate valve - 3/8" hose barb
Gravity Faucet - Plastic
Plastic cask tap - gravity type. For dispensing directly from the cask.
Gravity Faucet - Stainless Steel
Stainless steel cask tap - gravity type. For dispensing directly from the cask. Includes barbed adap...
Cask Tap - Plastic - Double Outlet
Plastic cask tap - double outlet - gate valve - 3/8" hose barbs
Cask Breather
The cask breather can help extend the life and maintain the condition of cask ales as compared to breath...
Check Valve
The check valve is designed to control the flow of product and prevent hammering on the beer engine. Thi...
Cask Shives - Wooden
Traditional wooden cask shives - 2-1/16" opening - plastic tut.
Cask Shives - Plastic
Traditional plastic cask shives - 2-1/16" to 2-1/8" opening.
Faucet Plug - Wooden
Standard #2 wooden faucet plug
Faucet Plug - Plastic
Standard #2 plastic facuet plug
Faucet Hole Plug - Cork
Cork faucet hole plug
Wood Spile - Hard
Wooden hard spile
Wood Spile - Soft
Wooden soft spile
Plastic Breather Spile
Plastic Breather Spile - for use with cask breather
Sparkler - Creamer
Beer engine sparkler - multibore creamer - .7mm holes
Sparkler - Loose
Beer engine sparkler - loose - two full open half circles
Non-Return Valve
Inline non-return valve - For use with beer engines that do not have a built-in check valve
Hose Barb - Plastic
Replacement hose barb for cask tap - plastic - 3/8". For use with 3/4" bsp nut
Cask Tap Nut - Plastic
Replacement nut for cask tap - 3/4" bsp
Hop Filter
Stainless steel hop filter - fits 3/4 BSP cask taps
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