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Products > CO2/N2 Regulators & Gas Equipment > McDantim Blenders

McDantim Blenders

The McDantim Trumix blender from Banner Equipment can provide any establishment with extremely accurate on-site C02/N2 blending; all McDantim blenders are guaranteed to be accurate within 2%. The use of C02 and N2 in conjunction with an accurate blender, is an extremely important part of any draft beer system to help insure that proper carbonation levels are maintained in the products being served. On-site blending can also help reduce gas costs by up to 75% in comparison to purchasing premixed bottles of C02/N2 and also reduce the amount of time spent changing bottles.

The McDantim Trumix blender is tamper proof and fully automatic. This blender has been carefully engineered to provide an extra long life. Banner Equipment stocks blenders with the two most common C02/N2 blends required, but any custom blend is available.

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Trumix N2/CO2 Blender - Double Blend
Gas Blends: 1) 60% CO2 - 40% N2  &  1) 25% CO2 - 75% N2 Size: 9.5" wide (in...
Trumix N2/CO2 Blender - Single Blend - 25% CO2
Gas Blend: 25% CO2 - 75% N2 Size: 9.5" wide (including mounting flanges) x 10" high ...
Trumix N2/CO2 Blender - Single Blend - 60% CO2
Gas Blend: 60% CO2 - 40% N2 Size: 9.5" wide (including mounting flanges) x 10" high ...
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