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Products > Glycol System Components > Perfecta Pour Glycol Chillers - COLD-BLAST SERIES > BR36DP-DT

1/3 HP Perfecta Pour Dual-Temp Glycol Chiller - Air Cooled


Decisions, Decisions No Longer! Control two different beverage temperatures from one glycol chiller*. Set your desired temperatures from 24° - 60°


  • 2,935 BTU's
  • 2 - 1 gallon sealed baths with 5'' hole for filling and inspection - eliminates condensation & evaporation
  • 2- Front panel digital thermostat controls - illuminated switches for each pump-motor assembly
  • 2- Standard 1/3 HP motor and 100 GPH pump
  • Digital led thermometers for each pump return temperature
  • Built-in filter track accommodates a disposable air filter
  • Removable front cage allows easy access to service valves and electrical tower
  • 404A refrigerant gas - thermal expansion valve - site glass - receiver
  • Nylon pump-motor coupler - reduces heat transfer and wear between pump-motor assembly
  • Electric Double Pump Unit: 115V - 30 Amp (this unit must be hard wired)

**All Perfecta Pour® glycol power packs include a 90 day labor and one year parts and compressor warranty. Three year extended compressor warranty available for an additional charge.

* Dispensing temperatures are based on storage temperatures of the product. Glycol chillers are intended to maintain the storage temperature to the dispense point, not to decrease the dispensing temperature. A flash chiller is required at the dispense point to reduce the product dispense temperature.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-7 business days
Model BR36DP-DT

1/3 HP Perfecta Pour Dual-Temp Glycol Chiller - Air Cooled

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